Worst woman driver in the world.....

Hahahaha love the way she eggs up to the gate, bunny hopping it, then just ****** floors it when she actually tries to get through the 15 ft wide gap
She seems more worried about her handbag than the car as well.
That seems a little odd to me... would a car actually tip over like that at such a low speed? It had hardly any momentum when hitting the gate (unless the gate activator pushed the car over) - And why does she get out of the back door of the car? And she's not exacly a skinny person - how did she manage to get in the back of an upside down car so quickly?
A4 the **** has parked like a goon in your vid like he says though he pays a lot of money to force people to walk in the road and get killed
Clearly another Doris that sucked off her examiner.

How the **** do they get on the roads?

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