Not an 8L but you'll know the answer concerning Mark IV Golf

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Oct 2, 2015
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Next door was trying to start his car this morning 2003 TDCI Anniversary Edition GOLF - As I know from another thread on here when an immobiliser is active the engine starts for about half a second then cuts out, I went over to see him and then it started.

he said it keeps doing this over the last couple of weeks, comes up on the dash "Immobiliser Active" then after about 3 or 4 attempts will start. Can this be something as simple as a battery, or dirty sensor / transponder. they only have one proper key and the valet plastic key.

I am considering getting one of these - which I assume will work on his car too?

Amazon product
Transponder ring on the ignition barrel can be problematic iirc... also if you have keys from another vehicle on the same key ring and are close to each other can cause problems as it picks up on the other transponder

arh cool - I wonder as they recently bought a mini cooper and maybe he has that on the same key ring.

Thanks for the advice :)
Electrical connector on the transponder ring (+ associated wiring) could be corroded, from what I remember when I was hunting my immob issue.
thanks - I will advise whilst looking into these immo off devices.
corroded pins on the ecu connector caused immo issues on my t4, might be worth looking at that end.
thanks, I did see some references for water damage on the ECU from blocked scuttle panel drains etc - maybe a worthwhile review.

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