Can I have my front Audi badge blue LED lit?


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Dec 31, 2014
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just curious if I'm allowed to get the Audi badge on front grill fitted with blue LED's to make it visible at night. Seen this on a merc and looked awesome or I dunno if it's just my opinion lol.
No one is allowed to display blue lights expect the obvious on a UK road. That's the law, break it and face what's coming to you.. hopefully a nice copper that just tells you to remove it there and then, other than a court date to explain why you had it on there/big fine.

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They do it in a white variant too would that be allowed?
The Police around my way seem to turn a blind eye to this kind of thing judging by the amount of cars I see with blue led on the front.
However, I reckon the fashion police will have something to say about it...
I don't see it as being illegal as you can get blue neon lights for under ur car or on front grill like night rider. Not my thing but have seen cars with them and not in fast n furious.
Yeah you can but they are sold as for show use only not street legal remember when need for speed came out they were everywhere
Any blue light on a non emergency vehicle is illegal. All because something is sold doesn't mean it's legal, look at number plates as a classic example. Illegal spacing, illegal font, you name it.

If you're not bothered about the risk of being done for it, make sure you have something loud to drown out the laughter of others.
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