Fuel pump issues or..?

With your 3 cylinder misfires did you change the coils or check the plugs? As if it was over-fuelling won't they all be fouled?

Changed the coils to one on my mates s3 yeah, spark plugs only went in about 3 weeks ago.

Are you saying I'll have to probably get new ones again once I get the sensor?
Also check the clutch pedal switch. If that switch is faulty you will get hesitation between gear changes or hanging Rev .It's there to drop the revs for gear change as the throttle is electronic.

Also check your egt sensor . like Badger mentioned .
I would of guessed it's more the harness failing
I think the errors went after coils replaced. But I wonder whether the old coils failed because of the fouled plugs and these coils will die too.
What were your symptoms before the issue? same as mine? did you have the 1100 degrees Celsius temperature too?

Yes 1100 degrees Celsius and full engine load (100%) at idle speed due to overfuelling.
I'll be fitting the EGT sensor thursday for anyone whos interested or future people reading. I'm in ireland and it cost 249€ Plus VAT to get the parts, and thats with my good mates personal discount. not cheap.....

Anyway, will update here thursday night when its in. I have that and a badger 5 2.2TIP to fit, Hopefully my problems will be solved and my car will be a delight to drive, because ive had this problem since i bought it 6 months ago and its wearing me down having changed so many things already.
your optimism is refreshing. I'm scared of phoning up for an MOT date - just in case mine fails - I prefer it on the axle stands now. :D best of luck with the repair.
One thing you don't read on this. And maybe it's just my car. But we unplugged the EGT and plugged in the new one and checked the log. Still showing the same 1100 degrees instead of whatever temperature it was outside. Around 11 degrees. . So we traced the wiring cleaned up the earthing under the battery etc. Tried again. No difference. Still 1100 degrees.

Then we started the engine for arguments sake and it took the proper reading and showed 12 degrees. So just lesson for everyone. Start the poxy engine.

Anyway here's my old one. Had loom tape in three places. And the part number was D at the end so was definitely changed before. Clips weren't there either so obviously broken before.

Anyway just installing the badger 5 TIP currently so not sure problem solved yet but will report when I take it for a spin.


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EGT reading perfectly. Car running like a dream. My god. Completely different to the car I bought 6 months ago.

I was doing speeds on the motorway home that I normally do get about 26mpg and was getting over 35mpg after the new EGT fitted.

It's not sluggish and feeling like it has no life, no hesitation when I change gears, it takes off like a bat out of hell in every single gear. I could not be more happy now it's fixed.

Wish I kept the original TIP in it to see did the badger 5 one make much difference. Although I don't really care I can just enjoy it now and appreciate the car it is.

Note on the badger 5 2.2 tip, not exactly easy to fit with standard airbox. A lot of cutting and arsing around with other pipes but it's on now anyway just took a bit longer than expected.

Thanks for any / all who gave any suggestions help or input on this thread.
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Make sure you get an oil change in... that much fuel being thrown about from a faulty EGT probe can cause bore wash and oil contamination... better safe than sorry...

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You can repair egt sensor control box by cutting the lid off, resoldering and filling with electronic potting resin
Obviously is the sensor and/or cable is damaged may aswell bin it
You can repair egt sensor control box by cutting the lid off, resoldering and filling with electronic potting resin
Obviously is the sensor and/or cable is damaged may aswell bin it
not all of them... later ones don't have the 'jell' type potting compound, they use a harder resin based one


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