Few Questions regarding the S5


S5 B9 Coupe - Glacier White
Jul 17, 2017
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Hi All,

Had no response on my previous post so unsure if anyone could actually, I'm doing something wrong or people just neglected it... never mind. Anyway a few questions some people may be able to answer for me:

How does the S5 handle desfrosting of the windows if they're all frozen over?

How many miles average do you get out from the 58 Litre tank?

If anyone has, when the car is pushed to the limit on a corner, do you feel the chassis handle more towards the rear or front of the car?

Thanks in Advance
No idea on defrosting I'm afraid as I only got my car in April, but I imagine similar to other Audi's which is perfectly acceptable. I get about 360-380 miles from a tank with a mix of motorway and hooning it in local roads. On cornering it depends on the approach. With sports diff in dynamic and attacking a corner aggressively but not daft then it feels like slight over steer as the diff pushes you round. When I've been a plonker and gone too fast on a tight turn it feels understeer safe

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