Pcv replacement

Ryan s3

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May 24, 2017
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So I ripped out the pcv system and started again due to Blue smoke and oil burning.

The car is running so much better and the EML light has stayed off so far.

It's idle is a lot lower.

But still smoking, would I notice an immediate difference or do u think the car needs to run for a bit ??

The car had a new oil + filter change and flushed the system with a BG oil treatment and oil flush.
The crap that came out was unbelievable.

What next should I be looking at if this does not resolve the smoke issue
The turbo?
Mine also had a lot of oil stuck in the intercooler and connecting pipe.

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As said check turbo for any play if that's all OK then my guess would be oil stem seals In your engine these always make the car more smokey.. good luck mate let us all know what happens.
Oil stem seals ? That's the job I'm trying to avoid
Oil in the intercooler. Would this not burn off now.
Stem seals would only cause smoke on morning starts surely ?
Can they get so bad that they are always leaking ?
So, replaced the pipes yesterday.
Just checked under the bonnet to check everything OK and one of the hoses have split !
Why would this be ??
I have read on here of people emyting oil out of there intercoolers and the associated pipes connecting them. So i wouldn't rule checking them out before u start throwing money at different parts. Just my opion.