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Audi s3 8p 2009 st 2
Jul 24, 2017
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So I have a bluefin stage 1 on an s3 2009 stronic. It seems that after the shift it holds back then the power surges again.
1. Has anybody else had this, is it normal? When i reverted to the stock map it doesn't seem to hold back as much and the power delivery is smoother. I've tried with esp off and not much difference

2. Does bluefin do separate map file for manual or stronic? I read somewhere that the manual map may cause these sorts of issues.

3. How do I investigate if there are misfires etc? Can I use my VCDS cable to do this?

4. Could this issue have something to do with carbon buildup and need a clean?
I think there is a separate map for manual and stronic.
The holding back may occur between 3-4K and then it really gets going. Without the map you probably did not notice the 3-4K aspect as there is less of a difference after 4K and so it all blends into one.
Thanks, prt57 I asked Bluefin and they say there is no difference in the map for manual vs s-tronic at stage 1. I'll take it they know best?
Thanks, prt57 I asked Bluefin and they say there is no difference in the map for manual vs s-tronic at stage 1. I'll take it they know best?

I agree but I seem to remember a thread in the past where someone has been sent the wrong map for their car.
I had a Bluefin to start with but I could not get a definitive answer from them saying is their software was for 95 or 98 Ron petrol. I removed the map and had APR installed instead - the car felt much more powerful with the APR compared to the Bluefin
I had problems with bluefins first map. Not sure if it didn't correctly install or it was the map itself but they sent another one and it was fine after. I did mention it was DSG. I'd pester them to resend the file and see if that sorts it.
Btw their stage 3 map is pretty good. Not much in it between that and a custom stage 2+.
I had the same problem, phoned them and they sent another revised version for the s-tronic which sorted it.
They've sent me another map, however not sure what they have changed, all they said was "created a file for you to address the specific feedback you provided." once I install this I'll update this post
@audis3UK was it a different map ie manual / stronic very curious now after they say there is no difference but sent you a new map
I had heard the same about facelift DSG S3s using Superchips. Seem something changed as I had a bluefin on my Ed30 Golf and it worked fine.
@audis3UK, did the revised file resolve your issues?
I believe my car was running fine with less jitter but the new map felt like less power, so I asked them for the old one back again. I now have the stage 2, which is definitely better, hopefully a reliable tune....
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