Intermittent fan failure


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May 29, 2015
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Bourne End
For the last few weeks I've been having intermittent internal fan failure (with AC either switched on or off) which I'm guessing could be imminent failure of the fan unit itself or just a loose wiring connection. Can anyone advise the best way to investigate this other than paying the garage to look at it? Funds are a bit tight at the moment with a new baby on the way and it gets a bit sweaty in the leather seats this time of year with no AC! When it works it works fine, otherwise there is no blow whatsoever.
Strange, just had the same problem myself, in my case it was simply a worn out / dirty motor. It was a pig to get out btw!

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I think mine may be the same thing, when it was working today it was speeding up then slowing down, then it stopped completely for a while. I think it's just knackered to use a technical term! Where is it located - did you find a guide anywhere to change the motor?
I watched this video:-

There were a few differences on mine in terms of screw location etc, plus mine has less access due to a larger engine.

What year / engine do you have?

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That 2 litre engine will probably make it a lot easier to get to the blower motor though!

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