tuning box for a4 1.4 tfsi 150 hp


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Jun 7, 2016
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hass anybody fitedd tuning box or remap on this engine?
I have read that using a box kicks up an 'error' code TD1 that Audi can see.

I imagine @ABYSS would likely disagree with that as it's similar to his boxes and I'm quite sure they don't throw up the code! Haha.

I thought that it was only during remapping of the actual ECU that the TD1 code was raised?
I have read that using a box kicks up an 'error' code TD1 that Audi can see.
Nope, you are confusing a remap with a tuning box. Those boxes aren't completely undetectable though, a black object under the bonnet is a dead giveaway plus, if anyone was capable of, the various sensors might be giving unusual readings. However I have never know one to be detected once removed.
Until now... thanks to VAG ODIS .

TD1 is ecu remap .

TB1 is tuning box , and even detected if removed .
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for tb1 where no where a rewiev that cann be found or trecable.. they only suspect but cant prove that a box wass fited i think? Do you hawe a prowe for the tb1 that cann be found?
There has never been one documented case of a tuning box being detected in this way and hundreds of users have fitted them. There is one scare story of a document from Audi dated 2013, but since then nothing I have seen. Diddly squat...
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That is the copy of a letter dated 2013 I referred too, I rather think that owners experiences, including mine, are far greater. I have yet to find any cases where a tuning box has been detected...
@here to all people who have tuning boxes on their A4's (if any) has anyone been in to the dealers with or without the box on?

I brought my A4 from West London Audi and thought it would be best to avoid going there for service with the tuning box present as I just felt that they would make a fuss if they saw it.

Decided to go closer to Finchley Road Audi which is a pretty small dealer in comparison (the staff there are really chilled).

So all in all, service and brake pads were done there and luckily.. no mention of my attached tuning box.

If I were to make a warranty claim on any engine parts however I'd rightly assume they wouldn't honour it of course.

Or maybe it varies from dealer to dealer if you get lucky..
Yes you'd be daft to give the dealership a get out jail free ticket...

Fair point, my previous a3 when it was mapped had both the egr valve needing to be replaced and the mechatronics unit in the DSG.

A quick Google search showed that this was a common issue on my engine but even still.. Audi did the repair work and no mention of any map.. (Gearbox was mapped too)

When the mechatronics failed the car wouldn't move, so it was too late to take the map off as I couldn't go anywhere!

But yeah, would never take that risk again..
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Have one fitted (dtuk) to my golf r. I removed it before servicing and warranty work never had any issues from the service dept.

Courious to know if anybody else has one fitted to the 1.4tfsi engine too.
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does anybodi know how much boost maximum can produce the turbo on 1.4 tfsi 150hp
turbo: mhi td025l4b 03*07 wdt-2.7
hass anybody some info about tuningbox that drives on his car audi a4 1.4
hawe someone fitted a dtuk box on 1.4 tfsi 150 hp version?