DSG problems - 7 speed dry clutch

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Feb 10, 2013
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Last year our A3 SE 1.6 TDI S-tronic, started making a droning/wining sound. I put on the winter tyres just to make sure it was not a tyre issue. Initially the dealer thought it sounded like a wheel bearing. However, when I arrived back at the dealership they had a loan car waiting for me. Apparently the noise was coming from the DSG and there was metal in the DSG oil. So they were keeping the car to replace the DSG.

All seemed fine. I don't usually drive the car. However, I noticed at the weekends when reversing the car out of the garage so I could wash it, there was a noticeable vibration. The whole car shudders at slow speed in reverse. Since then the weather has improved and we have been at the coast. The traffic in the seaside town we visit can be very slow moving. It became apparent at slow speed that the car was shuddering in forward gear too.

At the end of March the car was in for a service and I asked the Audi dealer to check this out. They told me that it was just because of the small diesel engine. If so, then why did I not notice the shaking before the clutch was replaced?

The car is now out of warranty and I am really unsure what to do.

The way I see it our options are -

- live with the vibration and hope it is not a sign of problems to come.
- talk to our Audi dealer again. Though they are likely to fob me off again.
- get rid of it. Though that seems a bit extreme for a 3 year old car.

Any other suggestions?

The DSG clutch was replaced under warranty. Does warranty work have a years warranty?
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Just realise that I have used 'DSG' instead of S-tronic throughout my post. Perhaps some helpful admin could edit my post as I cannot do it now.

No replies, but typing out the post has given me an idea. Might be a bit awkward, but I'm going to ask my VW dealer their opinion on our Audi S-tronic problem. Though I can already guess what their response might be, "should have bought from us!" :haudrauf:
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I'm not aufait with the car or the 7sp but I would be wondering whether their is a flywheel alignment issue rather than the gearbox being dodgy..
I would recommend speaking with the dealer and loop in to conversation your regions head quarters if you're not getting satisfactory answers

All work carried out by the dealer will have a warranty, suspect it'll be 12 months - I imagine it'll be in small print - sometimes found on the reverse of the receipt of work - again the dealer should be confirming this

Hold to account those responsible and give them the opportunity to rectify the issue :)

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