Plastic Fan on viscous coupling A4 B5 1.8T sport 1997


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Jul 20, 2004
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I was getting some noise under the bonnet, it seems to be related to very hot day.
Last night I check it over, an then notice the fan running but there was a shadow as it was spining.
Stopped and checked fan and it had split on the out ring and a piece lifted up and was rubbing.

So i want to know if I can just change the plastic fan 4 x bolts without pulling the lock carrier forward.
Also are these bolts standard thread or left handed like the Viscous coupling.
the four small bolts are just normal thread, i'm not sure if you can get it out without removing the lock carrier, give it a try... It'll almost certainly come out if you break it up.

If you have the electric fan as well, the mechanical one isnt really needed, so at least you can remove the remains of the broken one in the mean time.
I have an electric fan that only comes on with AC switch on, so not sure what you mean?
That electric fan will also start up if the radiator gets too hot.

I ran my 1.8T for years with only the electric fan, and its completely fine.