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Jan 29, 2009
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South Wales
Looking at my options for the front bumper, current s Line one has a cracking and marks so I was going to get it sprayed when I do the wing.

Then I started thinking about aftermarket options.
What's out there?
I've seen Xenons, is the any S4 replicas or anything else?
Bumper wise options are limited really , are you looking to just go a s-line again or something else completely different as this will dictate what you can get and the total cost.
RS4 bumper wont fit without major mods to it , b7 s-line bumpers are all the same, DTM is different and needs non s-line grilles, few aftermarket bumpers around but looks and quality vary a lot , holefe do anRS4 style item which is nice but costly. I have one and getting it fitted shortly it worked out at £800 after spraying.
See my thread all you need to know about b7 grilles and bumpers.
Pretty sure S4 has the same (or very similar) bumper as s-line, most people regard DTM bumpers as the best looking but I personally like an s-line one with an RS4 grille, Cupra R splitter and smoked headlights but I'm biased haha.
yep, S4 uses the standard B7 s-line bumper but has a slightly different grille pattern to normal s-line grilles , the vertical bars are double on s4 grille whereas single on normal s-line grille , yep agree with you 100% chap aswell the s-line bumper with rs4 grille and LC R splitter does look nice....I have that at present but changing to more RS4 styled bumper shortly.

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