xenon headlights broke?


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Aug 31, 2016
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Hi all just wondering if my xenon headlights are broke. Few week bit I bought some 6000k ds2 bulbs of ebay to replace the standard 4300k ones. It took me ages to fit them but in doing so the actual projector unit inside headlight became very wobbly and loose I managed to push down into a certain position and it seems secure but if I move it out of position it goes all loose and wobbly again, its happened on both sides. Is the light broke or is it normal my lens need a good clean but am not paying to do these if the lights are broke.

@t8ups , maybe able to help, if they are bust, Trups will be able to sort you out a replacement set, better than what you currently have too.
its more than likely the white connectors inside bust, they go brittle after years of use, there is no easy fix or spare parts so its new headlights I'm afraid but that's a gamble if going for a used set as the same could happen. I can build you a set of new ones which will outperform OEM ones even if you bought oem brand new ones.

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Thanks all t8ups how much for a pair of lights then
Hey are these the infamous clips that break inside unit and cause headlight to wobble? Pic of both sides and they look broke. I have bought a pair of replacements of ebay that nobbybonez mentioned, do you have to remove headlight to fit them?

IMG 1910

IMG 1911

yes they are the clips... its advisable to remove the headlights as it will make the job much much easier... removing 8L headlights is easy (front bumper off which in itself is very easy)

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yup, bumper off light out. blutac on the screwdriver and wind the motor arm with the ball on right out before trying to get it in the clip.
yup, bumper off light out. blutac on the screwdriver and wind the motor arm with the ball on right out before trying to get it in the clip.

Not sure what you mean nobbybonez the motor arm with ball on just turns and pulls out.
when you try to get the motor arm back into the newly fitted clip, make sure the arm is fully extended. the motor moves the arm, the arm moves the light. if its wound in, you'll not have the length to get the ball to reach the clip. it turns and pulls out fine at the moment, cos its not connected to the clip...
check the rubbery tube is well attached too, think mine came loose after new clips which is why i have a UFO spotter instead of a headlight... :D
Should the arms on the headlight adjusters just pull put then? I've not been able to move mine... Might be abit stiff / tight!!?

I bit the bullet and bought some of those plastic arms from ebay, there in / secure but the adjustment arms on the motors are too short & don't wanna extend... Hmmm...
took the motor out opened it up but not sure how to manually adjust the arm wondering if mine is fully out and it doesn't pull out pretty sure about that.

IMG 1942

IMG 1943
There is a video on YouTube about how to get the motor arm/ball into the clip. You have to take it in from the side and slide it across the clip. It's an easy task, I've recently replaced these clips and takes less then 10 minutes...... on the offside anyway, battery out gives you all the access you need to get the screw out and clip in.

If you still can't do it, then get technical, find the auto levelling sensor on the rear suspension, disconnect the link bar off the arm or sensor, then put the ignition and lights on, move the sensor arm up or down(???) which will simulate the requirement for the headlight to adjust its range relative to rear suspension height, thus changing the headlights position up or down, motor in or out.

Another thing to watch out for is that the headlight reflector top pivot point is in its position ( black bung into its socket, above the H7 bulb I think). It's fixed in 3 positions, you've just replaced on broken on ( up/down) the left and right position should still be intact, and the third fixed position is this one I'm on about.

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