A6 C6 Avant Body Repair Manuals


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Dec 29, 2015
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Anybody got access to these?
My Avant has been in the bodyshop after some daydreaming youth decided he didn't like driving on his side of the road and would try mine and removed my mirror and damaged various bits of trim in the area including the chrome drip moulding that runs along the side of the roof.
When I got the car back, the new moulding didn't seem to be attached properly at the back end around the window. I think that the window needs to be removed to replace the moulding, but I am wondering if they tried to do it without.
The car has now been back in with the bodyshop since Tuesday and has been delayed as they were waiting for another part. I have a suspicion that they may have damaged the other chrome trim that runs along the bottom of the rear side window.
Just wondering what the manual says, they should have access to the information as they are an Audi approved bodyshop.
Got the car back this morning.
The trim around the bottom of the rear side window has been replaced. Apparently, the metal fixing had corroded and must have snapped when they replaced the drip moulding. Not sure why they didn't spot that at the time, but it is all sorted out now.