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Aug 16, 2014
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Inspired by a thread on here about good value SIM cards I got a 12GB data card from Three for £26. I already have a myaudi account and apparently all I have to do to hook up with audiconnect is insert the PIN from the myaudi registration confirmation page in the MMI. My problem is where? When I click on Audi Connect on the main menu page it takes me to the information services and informs me that the test licence for each has expired. Some, however, are not greyed out (for example local petrol stations and local parking) but hang on, I haven't inserted my PIN anywhere and nowhere does it ask for my PIN.

So although I can't seem to get audiconnect, when I insert my SIM card the MMI recognises it and shows a couple of symbols on the status line. I can then read my emails and text messages on the screen and send emails and text messages. What I can't seem to do is get wifi.

I may be misunderstanding what exactly a SIM card should enable me to do and I may have only a basic MMI system which doesn't enable me to do some of the cleverer things I read about. Would anybody care to enlighten me please as I am thoroughly confused. The owner's manual doesn't help much because many of the sections have in small print "only where such and such is fitted". I've no idea what differentiates one MMI set-up from the next and can only assume I've got the most basic version.
Check in the connection manager that wifi is switched on.

Contact Audi through the online chat and tell them the test license alphas expired - they should then give you another year on the license as they are currently don't have a way of renewing it and charging you. May take a few days but this will give you the full connect suite - twitter, google maps, traffic etc. However once this is done all of the connect services will use the sim you have inserted and not the embedded sim - the only benefit of using your own sim is to make a wifi hotspot in your car AFAIK

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Exactly what Parklife said - your first issue is that the audiconnect license has expired, this will lock down features as you have described. Contact Audi and get the license extended.

Once you have the sim inserted after that you will have a data connection. It should auto connect but just double check the SIM card is selected under "data connection" under connection manager. If you go onto YouTube and type in "set up audi connect", Audi U.K. Have a great video on there that takes you through it step by step including the wifi. It will also tell you where to enter your pin.

Keep us posted
Thanks for the replies. I've had the car since September and although the MMI features were probably the lowest of my priorities in deciding to buy it, I thought I should at least try to get to grips with that aspect of the amazing technology the car has. The three months' free trial has obviously expired and playing catch-up by avoiding an audi plan subscription is proving difficult. I read a lengthy thread about owners' experiences with the MMI on early B9s and the confusion around what is and isn't included and unfortunately it wasn't very enlightening about my problems in getting connected as it seems that the procedure changed as the technology evolved.

I will take up the audi chat suggestion and report back on the results. Many thanks again.
So, an encouraging result. Initiated an audi live chat, explained the problem, gave my details and within an hour received a call from Customer Services saying that a request has been made to Audi Germany to extend the licence for 12 months at no cost. It apparently takes 4-5 days, but can take up to 20.

The forum proves its worth once again, so thanks to pjeffe and Parklife.
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