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Apr 7, 2007
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Hi all,
I was removing the flap from the bottom of the airbox on my 3.0 tdi ccwa but snapped the connector with the wiring for the maf sensor. I got a new connector and rewired it but possibly may have got the wires the wrong way round.

The sensor has 3 wires which I have wired from left to right in the order green, purple, black.
My mechanic tried to clear the fault code but the fault keeps showing up when scanned. Maf interrupted signal.

Does anyone have the wiring info or can possibly check theirs and see how it's wired?
From Elsa Win this is how it's wired.
The pin numbers can be seen on the end of the connector. The purple black wire on pin 3 seems to be for auto cars and on manuals it's Black. This appears to be the 12v feed for the MAF. Where is your Brown / blue on pin 2 ?
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Thanks for that. Mines is manual, black is in pin 3 blue brown/blue in pin4 and green in pin 5
You have got brown/blue and green wires in the wrong end of the plug by the sounds of it then. Need to move green to the other end of the plug pin 1 and brown/blue so it's in between the green and black in pin 2.
Thanks I will swap over and report back.
I've rewired according to the diagram but still getting a maf error code. We tried a new maf sensor and getting the same error still.
Checked the fuse in holder b and they look ok.
Doesn't seem to be a 12v on the black wire when tested. There's around 5v on the briwn/blue and nothing on the green
Any ideas ?
Thanks for the extra info guys. I haven't checked the underbonnet fuses. Will check them out. From that pdf for rhd cars it's on the drivers side under the plastic cover? Do I need to unscrew the cover to gain access to that fuse box?

I've compared the original factory connector and the terminals are marked 1 to 5 in a different direction to the generic replacement one that I've bought. Pin numbers 1,2,3 on the original connector are 5,4,3 on replacement connector.
However the pin numbers marked on the actual maf itself tie in with the replacement connector, which has confused me even more.
I will order a genuine connector from audi tomorrow and check the pin markings on that.

Sick of the car being stuck in limp mode for almost a week now :-(
You should have 12V on that black wire. Regardless of where the wires are connecting too. The ECU box is at the back of the engine bay on the drivers side. Remove the black plastic cover at the base of the windscreen on the drivers side and you will see the cover to the ECU relay/ fuse box.
It's held on with some torx screws. Undo these and remove the lid.
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Checked the fuse under the bonnet and indeed it was blown. Replaced the fuse and now there is 12v at the black wire. Ordered a genuine maf connector. Will arrive tomorrow so I'll fit that tomorrow and get the codes cleared and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again for your help guys!
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Got the genuine connector today and wired up as per diagram. Cleared codes, no limp mode, no engine management light.
Car feels silly fast now after a week of limp mode.

Thanks for your help, I would never have solved this one on my own!
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The maf was from eurocarparts and was £135.
Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I’ve done this exact thing changing my brothers bulb today. Where did you source the connector and how much am I going to get stung
I didn’t get the plug. But audi would be the place to go sadly. Unless you can get part number off the plug.

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Just take the part number off the bottom of the connector and you can find it on eBay for a few quid. Repair wires are available from the dealers but they weren't cheap!
I might even have a couple of spare repair wires left over.
Give me a shout if you get stuck and I'll have a look in the garage.
Sorry I know this thread is a bit old now. I kindly need help with my MAF harness connector.
I have a q7 2009 3.0, the harness melt out. I am trying to get hold of the correct wiring as the sensor is 5pin (1-5) with 3 way wires.
1. Which color of wire should match with which pin?
Please help!
As Bobby said you can do it by measuring the voltages on the wires. I had a quick look on ELSAWIN and this isthe wiring diagram for a 2009 CASA engine. Should be the same or similar for the other engine codes. The MAF used is the same so regardless of what the wire colors are 12V feed should be on pin 3 etc.

Upload 2019 9 3 10 58 38
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Is it possible to use another type of harness connector with available maf sensor as getting the connector for 5pin 3 wires is proving difficult for me.
If any one can help in the USA for purchasing would be great.
Thanks in advance.
Hi, I am having the same problem, I snapped my MAF connector inside the maf managed to get it out and order a new connector.

This thread was really helpful for my situation. Although can anybody help with which wire goes in which pins? I have 3 wires.

Thank you.
Which one goes where in the plug? I'm aware they're broke, just got to rewire the wires but dont want to get it wrong.


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What car is that the wiring colors are completely different to the diagram I posted.
Hopefully you got that sorted, had the same issue with my car and took a photo before pulling the wires out.

Yeah I got it sorted buddy! Just ordered a cheapy set of wires from ebay and followed instructions and it managed to work, although it didnt take my car out of limp mode, turns out there was 100% mass in the dpf, so I bought a downpipe, intercooler, air filter and done a stage 2 map as i was going to go down the map route at some point any how so it made sense easy fix though!
The connectors become really brittle sooner or later so they're bound to snap! Hope you've sorted yours buddy
Sounds like you have done quite a bit of work, sounds tempting to go down that route. Was able to regen the dpf via vcds after replacing the MAF connector. So all good now. Cheers
Hey guys, ive got a 2015 Q5 3.0TDI CPNB engine and same issue i dont know which pinss go where

seems mine is reversed to yours?

my wire colors are:

In my connector with grey latch facing UP the pins labeled 1 2 3 4 5
1 plugged
2 plugged

Seems you guys are showing a plug where 1 2 3 are occupied and 4 and 5 are plugged?

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