A4 Allroad 2.0 Sports B9 2017 - vcds freebies that can be switched on?


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Jan 14, 2017
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Hi, just changed my car from a Sportsback to the New A4 allroad. Anyone know of any freebies you can switch on via vcds?
Quiet section of the forum given its rarity on the road I guess. Will ask the question in VCDs section.
34k miles completed since new.
Just changed the tyres which perform well. michelin primacy 3. But have changed to Michelin cross climate, thinking it may be a better allround tyre for off road on the beach and tracks but as such I’ve compromised the handling around corners as the ride now understeers noticeably but I can live with that if I gain on muddy tracks, when it rains!!
No faults with the car. Black roof rails have cross bar marks on them but Audi discontinued black as an option, still prefer them black though.
I like the allroad. Like you say, quite rare on the roads.

Seem to have more presence than a standard A4