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Jul 16, 2012
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Evening guys,

But if a random question really.
Got some new personalised plates for the new car and they didn't give us any double sided sticky tape and I can't find any at the house.
What's the best place to buy it and does it need to be a certain one?
Hi, if you can wait a bit a can ship you some proper number plate fixing pads out? Got some with some show plates, but I don't intend to mount the show plates.

They're at home tho, and I'm not till Tuesday. So it might not be till end of next week?

You can have them for free

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3M tape from any DIY store will do the job.
I secured both of my plates with screws to be sure.

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I find if there is a curve on the mounting plate area, screws are best as the stick on pads tend to lift.

Also if the private plate is an interesting one, screws make it harder to steal!
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The green Halfords on brand double sided tape is perfect for number plates.
It's so strong that heat my metal pressed plate up to remelt the adhesive to get the plate off
Plates look so much cleaner without ugly screws
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Cheers guys I'll hopefully head up and grab some today.