S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

Thanks to you guinea pigs for trying it out. Just picked up my 2019 S5 Sportback. Im loving this car. Wish it was louder though like you. Couple of questions before I pull the plugs. Does it show a fault on the dash? Can you do it with out lifting the car up on a jack?
Don't need to pull plugs just set individual setting to sport and when you start the car toggle from dynamic to individual and back to dynamic and valves stay open till you switch of engine as below

Ok, so I’ve been running with the valves unplugged for a week but my ocd has been wanting to plug them back in..

Today I’ve been running live data logs from odb eleven to see what the valves get upto when plugged in.

In Eco, Comfort and Auto all in Drive or Sport they are fully variable (all open to valve 1 and or 2 closed) dependant on throttle load, closed ( lists at 90%) to open (10%) don’t know what the percentages relate to but at ignition off they read 35%.. the road speed has no relation to their status, it’s load based..

Anyway, under Dynamic and Individual (exhaust set to sport) they are also fully variable unless in Sport on gearbox, then they are always open ...

ok so some will already know that... here is the interesting bit, if you toggle to dynamic or individual after the engine has started, the valves will remain fully open all of the time until the engine is next switched off, this includes the standard drive setting on the gearbox. It reverts back after next restart, but toggling enables again.

For some this may be preferable to removing the plugs.
Two quick clips of the exhaust sound after having unplugged the valves. It's no RS tone obviously but I feel it's much better than before, and has a nice deep sound during low revs around the city.

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I need to get some sound clips done of the Milltek before it comes off and the S5 goes back :-(
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I've just wanted to give a little update and bump to this thread with a video.
So there are loads of videos on the the internet about the sound of the S5 but they hammer it like hell. The whole point of this mod, that you can enjoy the soundtrack with normal day-to-day driving. In this footage I've never went over 2500 rpm, most shifts were around 2000. Gearbox was in Auto and normal D mode.
Pair of headphones and hd mode recommended.

Nice I live just ~5 miles NW from where that video was taken. I will look out for you! Someone pulled up to me at those traffic lights recently in a S5 sportback, waited for me to drive off, which I did in my very muted 2.0T (it has an OPF so even more muted :/) then stormed off in his S5 which clearly had the valve job done!!! Sounded lovely.
For those who have disconnected the valves too keep them open, are you able to hear a difference in Dynamic + drive Sport mode ?
I've been watching the thread below with interest and decided to take the plunge and give it a go!


Very simple mod, start the engine, stick it in Dynamic and Sport on the gearbox, which opens both valves, turn the car off and then disconnect the connector from each valve, taping up the male and female ends to avoid water/dirt ingress.

The car sounds so much better, without needing to scream the knackers off it in sport mode all of the time.

Another benefit is you don't get the one dirty exhaust, you get four mildly dirty ones instead lol!

If you're after a slightly deeper grumblier exhaust note it's well worth the 5 minutes under the car!
Does this work for the B8.5 S5?

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