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Jul 29, 2005
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Ashford, Kent
Hi, Just refitted my passenger seat and hoped the airbag light would go off, it hasn't. I have reconnected all the cables and have looked for some advice on this forum about the light problem - only to find that none of my airbags will work while the light is on! Is that the case?
If so how can I reset the warning. I took the seat out with the battery still connected (I know I shouldn't have but in true male fashoin I didn't read the instructions until I hit a problem!) Well all is back in now the interior is lovely but I have a light that tells me if I have an accident it's the windscreen I'll be hitting and not a lovely powder coated pillow. Is this just a VAGcom reset or is it more sinister? or is it just a battery disconect?
No once it's triggered it's a VAGCOM reset I'm afraid.
It is apparently true that none of the airbags will work in the meantime, which seems a ridiculous state to leave the car in even by Audi's standards, but I've yet to hear of anyone testing the theory.
You'd think that the brilliant computer that prevents the airbags deploying and saving a life because someone had the nerve to disconnect/reconnect one would be able to work out that once the bag was reconnected everything should go back to normal?
Rather than start a new post i thought i would hi-jack and resurrect this post.

I have just bought a 98 A3 1.6 and the airbag light is on constantly. Although it is only an advisory i would prefer to fix it. Would i be right in saying i should as a first port of call:

Disconnect the battery
Remove the passenger side seat
Disconnect all of the wiring underneath and clean with WD40 and reconnect
Seat back in, battery reconnected
Then lastly reset it using one of these???

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