Audi A5 Convertible - Which Engine


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May 19, 2014
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Im considering a convertible as a second car for general swanning about during the summer months and the A5 is on my short list. The question is do I discount the diesel versions and stick with petrol. All comments appreciated
BTW the budget is £15k ish

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Have you thought about the S5.
I have but I assumed it came with the £500 ved and also I guess I'd be looking at a relatively old car for my budget with the possibility of scary repair costs

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Just for "swanning about" in the summer with the roof down I wouldn't have thought a diesel would be the best. You want something which is more engaging to drive with a sportier exhaust note. I've driven a new style TT with a diesel engine and whilst it was a lovely car (which I would still love if somebody gave me one) it lacked that certain something in the "driver engagement department" being a diesel. If it was for both a practical motorway work car PLUS some "swanning about", then the diesel might be a consideration.
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Personally I'd vote for the 3.0tdi. Recently bought a 14 plate myself after test driving the S5 and preferring the power delivery of the tdi, to me the tdi felt quicker and can easily be remapped for a significant power increase.

Also the 3.0tdi (unlike the 2.0tdi) doesn't really sound like a diesel at anything other than idle, and it's much smoother to drive also.

It depends how many miles you do, I do enough motorway/a road miles to justify the tdi and benefit from the extra economy.
As above, the amount and type of miles should dictate whether a diesel is it for purpose.

Going by your comments on the S5, I'm guessing you're looking at pre-FL (<2012)? In which case, you need to be aware of the excessive oil consumption on the 2.0TFSI. Wouldn't of thought the 1.8TFSI would have enough grunt for a cab...

The S5 cab and Sportback have always been the V6 rather than the V8, so running costs should be a bit kinder...?

Not sure if you can get a 3.2 A5 petrol in cab form? They are pretty rare generally.