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Dec 9, 2006
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hi guys
im new to the forum
have recently purchased a 2003 s4 avant with tiptronic gearbox
and am now looking at spending a few quid on getting it really moving
ive done quite a lot of searching on the net as regards superchargeing
my car but no-one seems to have a kit out at the moment which is at reasonable cost
has anyone else found anythingin europe which would be suitable

hiya mate, first of welcome to the site-get some pics up of your car. have u looked into getting the car remapped/chipped?
Supercharging at a reasonable cost doesn't exist.
What engine do you have? In the USA the PES 3.0L Supercharger can be had for under $5k USD during Christmas time but that's the best price new you'll ever find.

On the rare occasion that a used kits shows up on eBay they typically run around $3k-$4k.

You probably want to do a custom setup and do your own work if you want to have a reasonable price. STS turbos has a turbo system that is installed right before the mufflers that is gaining popularity among classic muscle car owners. I think they are working on a smaller kit for Euro cars sold in the USA (BMW, Merc, Audi, etc).
its a b6 so its the 4.2 v8 40 valve engine
with not a great deal of room under the bonnet
ive seen the mtm kit but thats uber expensive and very nearly halve what i paid for the car
ive also seen the motodyne kit but have read a lot of bad press about him allegedly ripping off lots of people so thats kinda put me off
ive seen that apr has a kit coming out next summer at a cost of around $8000
along with another tuner called 2bennet whom are also supposed to be doing a kit ive e mailed these for info but have had no reply
they are apr dealers so im wondering if there pre-advertising the apr kit
when its available
as of yet pes do not do a kit for the b6 s4

my cars completely standard at the moment but ill take a coula piccies and put them up when she is nice and clean