Black edition S3 saloon...


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Oct 6, 2014
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anyone on here got one? preferably in white!

I'm after some pics to show the wife, can't find any decent ones on AT or Audi used cars.....thinking about just saying f it and throwing more money at the next car rather than making do!

Thanks :)
Not Uk Spec, but you get the idea....

Flat White




Glacier White.


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My new black edition saloon in ibis white - not an S3 though.
DSC 0511
DSC 0510
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Just looked on the site, you needed mag ride to get those alloys. Do you notice a difference with that?

Mag ride is standard on saloons

Mag ride isn't standard on an s-line as the standard wheels are 18". Choosing the 19" alloys also adds the mag ride option. Just saw your post above!

I only picked up the car on Tuesday evening and haven't had much time to play with the settings. All I can say so far is that the ride is fine, not sure what it would be like with ordinary suspension.
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I think magride is standard on Saloon S3's