A4 Strange noise when breaking


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Dec 28, 2006
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Hi All,

I've got a strange noise when breaking (Audi A4), however its only when going over bumps and breaking at the same time... or quick heavy breaking.

It does sound like the break pad's are on their way out... its only recently had a service, but i'm not sure if these are checked during a service.

I know I should get it looked at ASAP, as I don't want them to scratch the discs, unless its already done that...!

Any advice would be great!


what sort of strange noise and what age/model?

suspension arm bushes / balljoints are a good one.

Although to be pedantic, if you start breaking it you should expect noises. braking is different ;)
I have a strange clonking noise on my S3 (73K)
It sounds kind of like the brake pads moving(but I know it's not)
Is there anyway to check the suspension arm bushes/balljoints without getting the car on a ramp?
one of the lower arms on mine you could see by pushing the wheel (turn so you are pushing the wheel back towards the bush).

upper ones if the bush is coming out of teh arm it is visible, and you might see where the arm has rubbed (clean shiney patch). Balljoints can sometimes be felt. put your hand on them and get someone to turn the wheel, you can feel the click.
First thing id check is that you have your wheels tightened up!!
Loose caliper bolts? - although hopefully unlikely. Have known tyre fitters to not tighten bolts properly, 1000 miles later strange things start to happen...
You can never diagnose a noise via the internet, it could be so many different things. Get it to a garage, if you're not compentant enough to diagnose the noise yourself then get an expert to look at it.