320mm drilled discs


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Nov 30, 2009
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Any one know where I can get some 320mm drilled discs for my 2.0T quattro?
i found a site through ebay but cant remember what it was called........! keep searching im sure you,ll defo find some. :tocktock:
not to keen on ebay but then again audi want £240 for a set of drilled 320mm discs
Instead of starting a new thread and because the search isn't working I want to ask the question here.

I need some new back disks and pads, are the gsf/local motor factor items the same quality?

And does anyone know what size the rear disks are on a 2005 2.0 tdi saloon non quattro. (blb) I think they are 256mm but I'm not sure.
Any one know where I can get some 320mm drilled discs for my 2.0T quattro?

I bought a full set of OEM standard discs front and back on ebay for £150.00 odd mate.

I could`nt find any drilled or grooved discs for my 3.0, as apparently they dont make any.

Why not buy some cheap standard dsics and have them drilled yourself, would work out alot cheaper.

Infact i will try and find the seller i bought my Audi parts from, he was very cheap and reliable.
I`ve been told that oem standard discs are made in china.Fitted full set discs and pads from GSF and i find then very good.
I got mine from ebay and then bought some EBC red stuff pads from EBC themselves, never had a problem and really made a difference! They never, ever faded. I even stood on them at 150mph (on a privete road of course) and they nearly ripped my face off from the force then used them hard again for slip road and they stopped me even harder! G3t better and better the more you use them! Was the pads mainly but a good combo with the discs!