Virtual Cockpit and MMI Navigation Question


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Mar 26, 2017
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São Paulo, Brasil

I'm planning to buy the 2017 Audi A4 but I have a question about the navigation system both in virtual cockpit and mmi.

Basically, is there a way to load point of interests in the map? The idea is to load all speed trap locations and use the audi navigation.

Currently, in my Audi A3 I use Eaze because I cNt load points of interest in the navigation. Is it different with the new Audi A4?

Also, if we can load the POIs, do we have an option to be advised when we are almost reaching them?

Regards for the help

Yes and yes. I have speed cams loaded on my car and it shows as an icon on the map. You can get it to notify when a camera is approaching, but it does not differentiate between which direction (or if it is even on your road!) quite often I get a trigger on a camera on a different road. Trigger is defaulted to 600yds away. I turned off the audible notification as it was irritatingly loud and persistent so I live with the icons on the VC (which are visible with a map distance of up to 1/4mile in 3D view.

Without the icon, it will also pop up a notification on the MMI display, but not if screen is off, or if you are in CarPlay.


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Thanks for your help. Have you used a tutorial or guide to load the POIs into your MMI?
I appreciate if you could direct me to the link so I can learn how to do it.
You could of course do the right thing and drive within the speed limit!