Can't lock drivers door from the inside

Juan Cruz

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Mar 22, 2017
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I've been having this strange issue for a week now, it just happened overnight. I can lock/unlock all doors and trunk normally using de key fob. But when inside, either using when I use the central locking switch or using autolock (while driving) the passenger, back doors and trunk lock normally, but the drivers door won't. The red light on the central locking switch won't turn on either (indicating at least one door is open). I checked from the outside, all doors get locked except the drivers door. The only way I managed to lock the drivers door from the inside, is: I open de car, get inside, close the car with the fob (activating deadlock), open the car using the fob, wait 30 seconds, and lock the car using the central switch. Then the red light turns on (indicating all doors are locked). Evidently, the central switch is ok and fuses are ok, what could this fault be? I'm worried since is dangerous to go around with the drivers door unlocked. Any help is appreciated.
sounds like you need a door lock, a scan with vcds would tell you
Thanks for your answer. You mean de drivers door lock is faulty? Because as I said, the car can be locked with the fob.. I mean, the lock works doesn't it?
yes it sounds like the lock has failed. you need it scanned however too.
I've a similar problem. Have you solved it?