A3/S3 seat problems


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Jun 14, 2006
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I have a 3 door A3 and my seats are loose and i don't seem to see where to tighten the up from?

Everytime i go over speed bumps i feel it slightly move and also braking suddenly.

anyone have the same problem?

I've had this. There are 4 allen bolts with square nuts holding the bottom of the seat to the sliders (technical term?). You can just access the two front with the seat fully back, and vice-versa for the back bolts
cheers mate, i'll have a look over the weekend.
well i had a look over the weekend and i have no idea where these allen bolts are...

could anyone point me in the right direction please

Just had a look at mine, I'm with you - no sign of them.
Is your seat loose on the mountings, or the mountings loose on the chassis? Might help to narrow down what we are looking for.

the seat is loose on the mountings i think
if you slide your seat fully back, and look at the front of the seat you will see an allen bolt going through the slider rail things into the seat subframe, there should be one each side on the front of the seat and one each side on the rear, you can access the rear ones by sliding the seat fully forwards

there is also bolts that hold the seat to the slider rails,these are underneath the seat and are very hard to get to, one of mine was missing when i bought my car and i replaced it with anouther bolt but it was hell of an awquard job, took about half an hour as you could only just get a spanner in and turn it about 10 degrees each time!! GRRRR!!! lol

hope this helps
cheers Ash, i will have a look before saturday as i've got a 400 mile round trip to make in the A3 and i'll end up throwing out the passenger seat coz of the noise!
ok i had a good look under both seats and can't find the allen bolts and i have to drive up to Manchester on Sunday with this damn creaking!

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