Struggling to remove rear bumper cover


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Feb 23, 2017
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I have a couple of faulty parking sensors and one holder came off which needs glueing on again.

I found three screws inside the SatNav DVD compartment (passenger side) and two on the driver's side behind the jack fitting.

In addition I removed the 6 hex screws in the wheel arches and also the 3 underneath the car.

Now the sides are loose and I was able to pull it ever so slightly forwards but for some reason it feels there is still a screw on the driver's side somewhere as I just cannot pull the cover off.

It seems to stuck near the lights but from the inside I just cannot see any additional screws poking out.

I found some PDFs here on the forum but the pictures seem to indicate there aren't more screws, unless I missed something.

Any help would be appreciated ;)
Seem this, that is the picture I mentioned but I can't make it out
I've never attempted this job so cannot help any further, sorry.

Did you find all the fixing points?
Seems I didn't. The picture shows three bolts on one, and two on the other. Yet it still is mounted somewhere unless another bolt is so hidden that it isn't ... Well ... Obvious ;)
You got it wrong. The picture clearly says, that there is 15 fixing points. Each wheel arch, that's 6. Underneath, that's 3. Both sides under the rear lamps, that's your last 6 points. Total of 15

The side you've done 2 screws only, must have another one in corresponding places as the other side. double and triple check.

The picture is a hand drawing and it shows the third screw in dotted line as it is showed somewhere where you would not be able to see it, trough the bumper. If that makes sense?

Edit: Picture below shows the screws and their locations from underneath the rear lamps
MMM i think I have seen that one but it doesn't move. Might need to give it a nudge. Managed to chuck some temporary nonail stuff there and sensor seem to stick for now. Will check properly again when it comes loose.

Thanks ;)
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Taken this photo from the thread mentioned - I think this is the bolt I have seen - it just didn't have a nut on it (in fact, a nut is missing on the left hand side as well curtesy of the previous owner).

Need to have another look me thinks ...


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