Recommended tyre size for 18"/19"


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Dec 4, 2006
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I am already planning my new rims for the summer, although it will still be a few months because of the norwegian west coast winter...

My S-line has 225/45-17 summert tires on the stanard 17" s-line rims.

I am ordering the Eibach Sportline which will lower it to about 45mm or another 20 in my case, cause of the s-line being 25mm lower than standard.

I'm a fan of wide and low cars since i currently own a VW Polo mk4 lowered with coilovers and with 8x14" rims.

So i am thinking of buying some rims on or from Here are the wheel tyre combos i have been thinking about. I want to try and get some stretch in the tyre so the rim can stick a bit outside the arches, while the main tyre surface is well within.

8.5x18 with either 215/40-18 215(or 225)/35-18

8.5x19 with 215 or 225/35-19

According to this tyre size calculator going to either 215/40-18 or 225/35-19 is going to be within 1% of the old setup. But since the s-line wheels are 7.5x17 and the new ones are 8.5x18/19 the extra rim width will stretch the tyre so it will be even more than 1% off, right?

For example my 8x14 rims on my polo will run "faster" with 195/45-14 than 7x14 rims with the same tyre profile, because the tyre is stretched more and the circumference then because shorter.

Anyways. Any recommendations you can give me will be helpful!
The s-line has 18" as standard, at least in the UK, and is shod with 225 40 18 tyres. If you go for 19's they'll probably take 225/235 35 19 tyres
The 2004 s-line from germany has my set on it.

If standard in UK is 225/40, then 215/35-19 should give a nice and good stretch over an 8.5x19...
I have 8.5" rims on an 8L which were fine until the suspension kit went on. Then it was clear that the rims "just" grazed the front suspension leg needing 3mm spacers. Then spacers were needed at the rear to balance the stance of the car....

Tyres are 225/40/18

I dont know if there is the same isssue on the 8P

Thats my 2p...
Is there any stretch at all with 8.5x18 and 225/40?