Spacers: Anybody got them on B9?


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Apr 30, 2016
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I've decided to keep the stock wheels @Keef although I'd love the 20s, just want to keep the money for the next car. Possibly an RS.

BUT, I am going to add some subtle mods. Lowering with H&R springs and 'considering' the H&R spacers. However, I hear good things and bad things about them. So, does anybody have them on the B9 platform yet? If so, how are they fairing?

Cheers guys.

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You'll spoil it ;-)

Aesthetically, I don't agree. A wider stance looks better. I'm aware of the pros and cons. But the cons concern me. So I was looking for a comparison from someone that's got them or used them.

Wheel rub and bearing wear are my concerns. Even though I'll only have the car another 2years. H&R are very respected but I hear stories haha.

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I was only kidding you...:respekt:

No no, I will confess that stance can go too far haha. Just need to know it's not gonna be detrimental.

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