312mm Brake Upgrade - How To?


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Does anyone have one?

There was a link posted a while back which redirected you to another forum where someone has done the 312mm conversion but i've tried 3 searches and can't seem to find it. :think:

Thanks in advance



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It really is simplicity itself. You remove wheels (obviously) and then unbolt the old caliper and pads.

Remove the old caliper carrier (2 bolts) and then your your old discs via the single locating screw and fit the new 312mm discs.

Swap the old carriers for the longer TT items and bolt to the hub. Then replace the calipers and pads.

You don't even have to undo the hydraulic connection so no bleeding required. You can also use your original pads if you like as they are the same.

This assumes that you have the 1.8t brakes with the detachable carriers. Smaller disc cars have a one peice hub and carrier so you need to do alot more swapping there.

16" wheel minimum for this swap.


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sounds awesome, and incredibly easy!

im looking to do this soon, as i foolishly fitted some cheapy drilled/grooved discs from ebay, which rust up within 30mins after driving in the rain, and generally fade in a seriously scary way under hard use!

whats the best place to look for the calliper carriers? my local GSF does standard and drilled ebc discs at a very good price, and after past experience with performance pads on past cars, i think ill be staying with standard pads. as when well setup they seem more than adequate.

what sort of improvement will we see by going from the 288mm to 312mm discs?

ive seen VAG parts do the carriers for around £112, is there anywhere else they can be found cheaper?

anyone got a set of 312mm carriers for sale?