VCDS Fault code reset counter


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Jul 20, 2013
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Hi all,

I'm just wondering if any of you guys know what is classed as a 'driving cycle' that counts down the reset counter on a fault code?

Basically I've ordered a vcds cable today with the hope of it arriving tomorrow. I've purchased it to scan my car to see if its thrown a fault code yesterday. Especially 'engine speed exceeded'

If there is a fault code stored then I obviously don't want it to clear by itself.

Yesterday when driving I went from 3rd into 4th (I think) and the car just revved. I think I might of just put my car neutral and revved it as it didn't seem to go past the limiter. Just into the red a little. Obviously putting it into 2nd instead of 4th from 3rd would of made it rev past the limiter.

Car drives fine and there's no unusual noises and I've had no check lights appear and I don't think the needle went past the limiter. It might be a case of I just went into neutral instead like I say.

Having mechanical over revved a saxo vts years ago I'm bit paranoid it might of happened again. So I'm just wanting to scan it for the dreaded maximum engine speed fault code.

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Related question. I had an MIL so ordered cable kit from Total Car Diagnostics. Arrived lickety split but after the MIL had turned off already. Did a scan and am following up on the error code but am confused about the reset counter value. From the info on RossTech the rest counter value should be 0 as the MIL indicator has turned off on its own accord however the line item still reads: Reset counter: 255.
That to me would say the fault come and gone 255 times. Had the same with my egr valve snag

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