312 mm brake upgrade


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hi what parts do i need to upgrade my a3 front brakes to 312mm.the car is a 2000 V audi a3 1.8 tqs.
what audi range can i source them from as well.thanks.


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I just got S3 carriers discs and pads,I used original calipers.

That is what you need, search 312 brakes on ebay for the carriers if you want them brand new, or try and find a used set of Audi S3, 225TT and some higher powered B5 Passat/Audi A4's should do the trick, then 312 brake disks for S3/TT225/Leon Cupra(not R), and any pads that fit the caliper(must be 'Lucas' calipers I think?).


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Its just discs and carriers isnt it?, calipers are the same so the A3 pads will be just fine


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The first upgrade to do on your tqs! standards are so rubbish its unreal, i just got carriers, black diamond vented discs and ferado pads. your suspose to get ds200 pads from farado but i accidently got the crapper ones!.


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thanks for the replies.i was told that you could use thefront brake set up from an audi tt is that correct?
if so what year do i need parts from?


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yup TT set up is same as S3