Deposit down on a Panther Black PFL S3!


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Feb 16, 2017
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Thought I'd introduce myself on here I've been constantly following the thread on here ever since I placed the deposit on my 65 plate S3 two weeks ago. :yahoo:

I can't pick it up until April as that's when I get my 2 years no claims bonus - being 20 years old meant waiting until I could get slightly more affordable insurance... the facelift S3 was coming in at £2k extra! West London Audi are offering me a fully insured courtesy car in the meantime between next week and my collection date which Is a gesture considering discount on the car was also applied. Sales team were very easy to deal with and weren't pushy.

I'm incredibly excited and a little curious to how the s tropic and 300ps feels, I'm coming from a manual A1 2.0 black edition.


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Very nice car, and I'm sure it'll be worth the's certainly better than the car I had when I was 20, which was a Reliant Supervan III....0-60 in a couple of weeks....maybe!!! :racer: :rock:
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Great looking car!
I see it's got the SS seats too.
You'll love it :yes:
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That looks stunning- congratulations!
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You tried the S tronic but didnt get the chance to boot it :hubbahubba:
No and no! Dealership wouldn't allow for a test drive due to my age, yet they let me test an S1 back in December. So I have no idea how it feels. I've never driven auto, nevermind s Tronic... I'm sure it will be beneficial in London traffic
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Lots of grammatical errors in my post. Doh! I'll proof read next time. :blahblah1:
I'm sure you'll enjoy it, both S tronic and manual are good, cant beat the auto in youve got launch control !
Lots of grammatical errors in my post. Doh! I'll proof read next time. :blahblah1:

I wouldnt worry about that, half the members on here cant even read or write anyway....I'm posting this from Woomword Scrubs....and Ive just had a smoke of the old spice !
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What did you think of the S1 ?

Very easy to drive quickly and rather lightweight (still feels planted) but not practical enough for me, I very nearly bought one, but I do the London to Manchester round trip every weekend as my family and girlfriend live up there (from Manchester originally). It wasn't very comfortable, a problem I had with my s line A1. If I had no need for a boot and didn't do lots of miles it would be my first choice.
I live in Manchester, I had an S1 bought it new, was the worst build quality of any car Ive ever seen, especially for over 30k !
You'll enjoy the S3
I live in Manchester, I had an S1 bought it new, was the worst build quality of any car Ive ever seen, especially for over 30k !
You'll enjoy the S3

Really? I guess that makes sense, I think the A1 is OK for the price, disappointing paint quality though (mythos black). The S3 feels leagues ahead in terms of quality. Impatiently waiting to take it down through Wilmslow tunnel when I'm back down as I'm 10 mins from there :hypnotysed:
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ha the airport tunnel....the scene of many a footballer crashing their lambo !
****** roadworks round there at mo since the airport extension (blame the Chinese Govt for that) not quite so good for the exhuast note
Quite a few more police around.....I grew up in Wilmslow/Alderley Edge family still there.
I grew up Altrincham, if you want bad road works try Manchester Road
When you get your S3 we'll do a circuit, Altrincham, airport tunnel to Mobberley, to Wilmslow and back
@LJC105 Welcome to Nice car. Hope you enjoy it. :)
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Sounds like a plan, do you know of many other S3 owners around Manchester? I haven't seen many at all.
No not really, see the odd one around but theres no events going on that I know of....Guy a few doors down has the new RS3 exhaust note is annoying probably because its not mine !

Ive got an Alfasud ti 105 QV that sounds better though :)
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Welcome, car looks mega! SS seats do look really good, love mine Welcome to ASN

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