57 plate a4 avant alloys


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Aug 8, 2016
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my dad has recently bought himself a 2007 (57) a4 avant sline 3.2 quattro , now he doesnt actually like the wheels which came on it which are described as cast aluminium alloy wheels 8j x 18 5 arm design on my audi app.

i wonder if any of you kind web wizards can tell me what manufacturer/ brand made them and what the part numbers for any of the original options so we can see if any are on ebay before looking into other genuine wheels , he likes the b8 rs4 style ones but obviously the offset would be different for the a4

thanks in advance
Q5 wheels will fit

A4 wheels are 8J x 18; ET 47 245/40 R18 93Y

A6 & Q5 8J x 18; ET 39

Obviously the tyres need to be the correct size for the A4, not the balloon tyres off a Q5!
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@th1991 hi Tommy
Looking at the dates and engine you mention, just checking is the car a B7 or an early B8?
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