U M11MMS - Built Thread 2011 A4 B8


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Dec 30, 2016
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Dagenham, Essex
Hi guys

So today the weather forecast was spot on for Dagenham.

I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed and washed my 2011 A4 B8 in the rain hoping that the rain would stop by half 10.

Half 10 came and the rain stopped, the clay bar come out. Bare with... I'm fairly new to the detailing milarky. I bough the T-Cut clay bar kit which come with a clay bar, clay lube and some t-cut/polish/wax thing.


I used a 4" polishing pad, waffle and wool to work the t-cut/polish/wax thing in. This went straight onto my drill. Luckily I had two batteries which I alternated between. It was more time consuming than what I thought.


Surprisingly the outcome was fairly good. The shine is awesome and there is a decent mirror on the panels.


Other than the cleaning, all I have done is change the number plate bulbs to Error Free LED ones (as suggested by @Macdoon )


Had some VCDS Mods done by @EXSpartan36 .... Needle Sweep, Oil Gauge/ Lap timer, flashing tail lights on emergency breaking & Locking Honk. (I have a few more to do)

And I've put my number plate on :)


Still yet to do...

I need the alloys refurbed
Windows tinted
Paint the calipers black (wait for decent weather)
Polish up exchast tips

And get a few more VCDS mods done like:-

reverse display on screen
Cornering lights with fogs
Enable Release Parking Brake without putting foot on Brake
Enable Reverse mirror tilt
Adjust LED Brightness
Operating Windows with Remote

Ive also got a tracker to fit and a dash cam.

Thanks for looking people :)

Let me know what I've missed and ill be sure to add it to my to do list :)

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Looking good mate. If you want help with the rest of those VCDS mods let me know.

The handbrake should release itself on pull away as long as you have your seat belt on.
Sweet. I think I'll cal onyour services again ....


And the outcome of the painstaking waxing yesterday resulted in beading. Not the best but at least it's there :)

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No mate. No camera. The visual of the car and the green amber red. I'm not entirely sure if it would work or if I need to buy modules