Q7 Audi Q7 Front Suspension Issue

Ignacio Puccini

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Feb 2, 2017
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Hi there,
Before I say something - I haven't done diagnostics yet, as it happened this morning on my way to work, So I won't be able to do that for another few days, and I am simply worried.

So, the vehicle is is Q7 4.2tdi 2008. Started the car ok, and on my way i noticed that the ride is bumpy in front, and front has dropped. Stopped in the petrol station, and yes, rear is ok, front has dropped. Then, the front lifted to it's normal position. Thought ok, that has fixed itself. Started riding again, and after a minute of riding, the front dropped again, the orange suspension icon lit up on the dashboard, all suspensions levels became grey. Stopped again, turned the car off and started it again. Suspension modes came back on again, front lifted ok, icon was gone from the dashboard. Started riding again, and again it has dropped. So i got to the work, i stopped, and while idling, front lifted again. I parked the car and went to work. Now it is parked, level is ok, no drops, nothing.
What could be causing this?
I'm sure there is a pressure release valve that might of gone faulty. This is where the air is released when raised and lowered
sorted it out. So I can describe what was the issue. it might be handy to others as well. So i went back home (it stayed on the lowest position). Scanned with my vcds, and obviously it had a level control fault. Then I went to look at live data, and and level measurements were wrong. One was showing a minus value, while others were ok. So i inspected the front. It turned out, the lever that goes with a level sensor, simply clipped out of the upper arm where it clips in, and just bent down. So ECU was seeing that one side is lower, and kept trying to level another side. As other side was going lower, the other one was going lower and lower as well, until it just went to lowest possible position and stopped there. So all this just because of a plastic clip. So the fast fix was just put the lever clip back into the upper arm and tie it with a cable tie for now. Getting a new sensor with a lever, but at least temporary fix works fine and i am back on the road. 3 days - no problem. Cable tie fixes it all ;)
Hi there
I have a 2008 Audi Q7 4.2L the old ecu was fried and ordered in a brand new one. So now the car starts then shutts right off due the immobilizer. I am trying to adapt the new ecu with my scanner but it's asking for a code. Can someone help me on how to find that code since we do not have an Audi dealer here.