Driveshafts moving when engaging clutch and gearbox oil leak

Andrei Augustin

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Dec 20, 2016
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Hello guys!

As from the thread title I have a problem with my 2011 A3 8P7. I have a gearbox oil leak between the gearbox and the left driveshaft. I have another oil leak on the right driveshaft but it looks like coming from the engine. Anyway back to the left driveshaft, I also noticed it usually moves when I am engaging the clutch and you can as well see it in the video I have attached. Furthermore, I recently changed the left driveshaft gasket after being left with nearly no more oil in the gearbox. A good friend of mine that works as a mechanic said it is probably another kind of gaskets inside the gearbox that comes before the driveshaft gasket and it will require the gearbox to be removed in order to access those. What do you guys think? I just bought the car just over three months ago and it is not in warranty anymore.
There is normally one oil seal where the drive shaft enters the transmission. If it is leaking again the oil seal may not be seated properly. Also did you use a genuine part? I have this job done on a Golf recently and the chap said always to use genuine VAG seals. It will need replacing again.
With you drive hafts turning, I assume the car is on ramps for this to happen when the clutch is disengaged. There may not be 100% clearance of the pressure plate from the friction plate causing a bit of drag. This will turn the cogs in the gearbox and so the drive shafts turn also. When the car is on the ground it is not noticeable as the friction plate breaks away more easily and so no problem.
Thanks for your reply prt57! Yes I used a genuine part bought from Audi and I'm sure it has been positioned perfectly back without bending it at all. The car wasn't on ramps I just attached the phone to some cables under the hood and made a short video of going in first and then reversing and as you can see the left shaft moves out towards the left and the right shaft moves in towards left as well and this play is likely around 1cm if not more. I also have another video but it is barely noticeable because the hood was closed and there wasn't that much of a light in there but I will try to upload so you could see what happens even when I go with second and third gear as well. I edited the video in black and white in order to make it slightly possible to see what is happening.

Awful lot of wear for 2011 car. Oil seals need to be renewed and you may well have worn drive shaft splines.