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Jul 31, 2013
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So yesterday morning I was the meat in the sandwich (shunt) and my adored S3 saloon requires potentially a new rear bumper and work doing to the front bumper (will be assessed later this week). I included the benefit of a courtesy car upgrade to my insurance as it was only £20 as an add-on. Question is what do you guys (& gals) think I will get from Enterprise as a runaround? Obviously it depends on stock/availability, but the writing states the vehicle should be comparable to my present car. Does an upgrade mean an A4 but then you lose the engine power of the S3? Your thoughts/experiences please?
I had a courtesy car from Enterprise after I was shunted from a woman. They first gave me a Renault Captur....

Hardly a like for like car, so I grumbled somewhat and ended up having this:

Quite pleased with it in the end, although it was a bit of a barge
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My "like for like" with enterprise from my A4 2.0 TDIe (136PS) was a Volvo XC70 D5 SE Lux.

Build quality was a bit poor (or at least the materials quality), but the power was nice and the seats were fantastically comfortable (typical Volvo affair).
I rented (upgrade) that same model of Merc (E220D) last year whilst seeing family in the UK and yes it was a barge, lacking power with a very slow shifting transmission, it was a good motorway hauler though. Not much fun on single track Highland roads!
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I was given a like for like a few years back when the R32 got hit, I had a Golf estate :tearsofjoy:
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Think of a really small ***** car and hopefully it will better than that.
I was given a like for like a few years back when the R32 got hit, I had a Golf estate :tearsofjoy:

When my R32 had a shunt, they gave me a brand new Mazda 3, what a total pile of junk.
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Not something I'd lose too much sleep over tbh as long as it's something half decent.
When my A4 got rear ended I got a Touareg which was a novelty.
Wife got a Q7 when one of her TT's went in to get fixed too.
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When my skoda octavia vrs went tits up....for the 3rd time i kicked up a massive fuss with skoda roadside assistance and Got a brand new MK3 TT ultra for a week !! Didnt want to give it back!
My like-for-like for a 8K A4, the new Passat is actually quite nice to drive :)

IMG 9556
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I got a Dacia Duster !! Only car Europcar had left when my Audi shredded its water pump

Sorry to hear that :grimacing:

Suddenly public transport seems appealing lol
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