sline rear bumper underside cutout?


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Jan 16, 2014
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While out wasingh my car today i noticed a oval cut out on the underside of the rear diffuser.Its open with no cover over it,whats it for ?And should it have a cover plate?
Sline owners can you check yours?
ive included a pic from ebay that shows this.
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oh ok that makes sense,however i would have thought it would have had a cover plate of some sort.My car is factory standard ,no towing hitch option fitted and has just the open cutout....i presume all are supplied like this?
Seeing as it's slightly off centre, is it not the hole for the 'foot wave' sensor to open the boot?
My B8.5 had a huge rectangular slot for the tow hitch which you could see while driving behind me. Drove me batty that they did that!

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Its not really visible as its a flat horizontal really have to look up from below.I was just concerned that i was missing a cover that should be there.
The hole doesn't look OEM (Audi don't do off centre, unaligned holes lol)

I'm wondering if it's had an aftermarket tow bar fitted at some point in its life...

I have the factory fit tow bar and it swivels down and out from underneath the bumper. That cutout looks exactly like the one I have on mine, so I guess all diffusers have a hole as standard regardless of whether the towbar is fitted.

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Well my car is brand new and has the cut out as detailed,so it is OEM.Idont have a tow bar nor the auto footwave i presume all b9s are supplied like this. regardless of whether you have the tow bar or other......can all owners please check their A4s?
Is it really that important for me to go out in temperatures of -7.4c and lie on the ground? ;-)
I'd say it's for a deployable tow bar. Either electric or manual fold away. That could be why it's off centre but still sits in the centre of the car on one side.
A4 b9 comes with tow bar preparation I think

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