Wrapping door handles in vinyl


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Oct 28, 2016
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Hi everyone. I've been thinking about wrapping my driver's (and eventually the others) door handle in aluminium-look vinyl, as it's a mess. Is it hard to do? I've tried to make a template out of card, but that was a bust. The vinyl I wanted to use is this stuff :

Amazon product

Many thanks in advance ;-)
It's possible.

The reason you were unable to make a card template, is due to the fact the handle is "compound curved". Meaning it curves in at least a minimum of 3 directions.

Vinyl will work, as you use a heat gun / hair drier on low heat to shape the vinyl to match the compound curves of the handle, then simply trim the excess off with a razor.
Thanks for the reply, Nolly. Would you suggest cutting the vinyl so it drops into the handle to make it harder to peel off? Can you use any vinyl? Cheers :)
Yes. Cut the vinyl slightly larger all round the handle, so you have enough to tuck in, giving seamless coverage.

Any automotive body wrap vinyl will do.
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I thought the handle covers un clip off .. dead easy to wrap once removed
The handle just unclips? How do you get under it to prise it off? Thanks for the tip :)
Think there's a clip you undo then it slides off
It's an a6 in the vid but same idea
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Best fully remove it like the video then wrap all the way around else it might peel off from constant opening.

Post some pictures up when it's done, interested to see how it looks.
Ah, sorry everyone. I should have explained that it's the internal door handle that's knackered *blush*

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