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Jan 6, 2014
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Hi All ,

I’m needing some help with VCDS …….I’m picking up my new S4 Avant on Thursday and would have liked to have swung by the local ‘Audi Specialist’ to have him change a few of the VCDS settings.

Now , he is a good local mechanic , but not a VCDS expert ………so for my previous two cars (S5 and RS4) , I have provided him with the codes.

I need to know from someone if these codes will work on the new B9 S4 so I don’t waste too much time faffing around ….and waste my money with him !! J

Are there any VCDS experts out there who can help me ?

Here’s what I am looking to do ;

Rear LED’s on all the time when DRL’s are on
Removing seat belt chime
Enabling doors locked/alarm armed sound
One Click Remote opening all doors
Adaptive Break Lights
Stop the After-wipe of windscreen wipers when windscreen washer has been used
Auto Release Brake without Seatbelt On

Here are the codes I have used previously ;


  • ‘Select Control Module’

  • Select ‘09 - Cent. Elect.’

  • Select ‘Coding – 07’

  • Select ‘Long Coding Helper’

  • Select Byte 2

  • Change Bit 7 to 1

Removing seat belt chime;

  • Instruments 17,

  • Coding,

  • Long coding helper,

  • Seat belt warning active active/inactive

Enabling/disabling doors locked/alarm armed sound:

Just make sure you have the latest VCDS/VAG-COM updates installed and check/uncheck the checkbox Anti-Theft-System:

  • Horn Confirmation active in 46 Central Conv

  • Long Coding,

  • Byte 01, Bit 2.

This may require that factory alarm is installed on the car.


  • Module 46

  • central convenience

  • Coding

  • Long coding helper

  • Byte 7

  • Tick bit 3 (locking confirmation (horn) via remote control.

One Click Remote opening all doors ;

  • Go to the central locking module and select coding.

  • The 'soft. coding' figure in the box needs to be increased by 1024 for beep locks, and another 32 for auto-locks at 15MPH.(i.e. if your figure is 14000, you change it to 15024 for beep, 15056 for beep and auto-lock)

  • Make a note of the 'soft. coding' number when you access the module, so you can go back if it goes wrong

Adaptive Break Lights

  • Channel 050: Adaptive Brake Light

  • +1 = Emergency Brake Blinking

After-wipe of windscreen wipers when windscreen washer has been used

• [09 – Cent. Elect.]

• [Coding - 07] -> [Dropdown] -> "x -- 8K1 955 119 -- WWS xxxx" ->

• [Long Coding Helper] -> Byte 1 Bit 3 - 1= Active 0 = Disabled

Auto Release Brake without Seatbelt On;

• This will allow you to move your car and have the brake release without your seatbelt on.

• [53 - Parking Brake]

• [Security Access - 16] (Enter code presented by program)

• [Adaptation - 10] -> Channel 7 change 1 to 0
I think One click remote opening all doors is an MMI option
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It is, it was the first thing I did when I got my car
One click remote unlock all doors is definitely a standard option within the MMI on the B9. I'm also sure the emergency brake flash is standard according to the manual.
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That is the default setting, you can change it to only unlock the drivers door with one click, or all doors with two...