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Sep 21, 2016
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Hi Everyone,

My 10 year old A3 2.0 TFSI (70K miles) seems to be doing an average of 24 MPG - ever since I started keeping tabs on how much it's guzzling for the last couple of months or so.

The car is used mainly in the city (grocery shopping etc.) and infrequent motorway action.

I use BP Unlimited mostly and the car has been serviced regularly according to Audi schedule by Audi.

I know it's old and a 2.0 on top but it feels like maybe it's drinking more petrol than it should?

Many thanks.
Mines also 10 years old with 70k and I average 17/18mpg, I drive a little heavy footed and its stage 2, I would say 24mpg isn't a bad average around town, they're thirsty engines
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I'm getting the same. S3 8p 2007.
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Ah! So it's not just me then.

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By the way (potentially hijacking the thread) what's the deal with remap/stage 2/etc. Does engine tuning result in a more efficient car or just more speed?

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I'm stage1 S3 and have not noticed any improvement in mpg just more torque and power.
Also lighter wallet with a new clutch having to be fitted..
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Mines now worse on fuel due to the bigger exhaust and air intake... and the extra 80bhp and 100lbft of torque there's reasons not to stay away!
I average 25mpg (according to the dis) I'm my 2+ S3, although it is stronic.
It's done 89k too.
We only get 27mpg in our bog standard 07 mini Cooper S.
I'd say it was pretty good for a 360bhp 4wd family wagon tbh
Driving in the town ruins the mpg. My son has a TTS and he told me the DIS was showing 19mpg in town. However, yesterday he did a Wales trip with a Pistonheads group and achieved 28mpg and they certainly were not on an economy drive!
I think a remap can improve your economy on everyday driving but you had it remapped for power gains and so you will be very tempted to put your foot down and so it will guzzle.
On my commute to work which is motor way and country roads my Golf 1.8T at stage 1 can achieve over 40mpg. Before the remap about 40,000 miles ago I would never see 40 mpg. Give it a good thrashing which makes it pull harder now and the economy must go down.
On my S3 at stage 2+ I can get 30+ mpg but that is when my wife is a passenger in the car and we are on a run!
Yeah that's not bad. I have a 2.0T with 150k on the clock, I'm hitting around 28mpg with a full 3inch exhaust system, decat and CAI.
Some good figures compared to mine. My S3 standard, s-tronic done 48k and town runs average 18-19mpg.

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