Rust on front wheelarches.


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Feb 20, 2004
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Looking for some advice on this, where is the best place to buy front wings and how much should I be expecting to pay?
Is it worth trying to get galvanised considering they have rusted anyway, 11 years right enough.
I should say I don't think I will get any Audi warranty as the wings have been blown in before. I didn't think this was due to rust and I have ran the car for 4 years now. Last year a strange blister appeared on th near side, I decided to bite the bullet and see what was underneath and do a spot repair if possible. The answer was nothng to see, so I treated it with POR-15 and touched it in but this year I have more blisters and over an area of about 4 inches and now I have the other arch as well.
I had this with my Mk4 Golf anf got it repaired, twice, sold the car rusty again, so I know replacement wings is the best answer and that's what I hope to do early in the new year.
One final question, does anyone know why this happens, it seems to be more and more common nowodays, is it poorer quality control, damper weather, incorrect painting techniques? Last one I wonder about as VW had problems with Californoa roofs which last i heard they put down to tehm not being painted correctly in the factory. Thisis paint on alluminium, wheras wings are paint on galvanised steel but I have wondered if the same issues exist?
Take it to your local dealer - Audi have 12 year paint warranty and should replace the wings as long as they have not been painted before

I got my arches replaced on my 2009 S4 Avant free of charge due to rust.
They will offer a good will gesture of 70/30 so you will still end up paying £200-400, it's only 3 year paint and 12 year anti corrosion. It should be covered but they just fob you off, I am trying to fight it just now as my wings and boot have it.
An old Audi tech told me it's a common fault with the wings due to the sound deadening that hold the moisture and then just rots the wings.
Far as I know there is no such thing as galvanised body panels on our Audis or most other cars. Rust protection is either by paint, cavity wax or underseal. Wheelarch lips are most prone to rust because of accumulation of mud & soil collecting in narrow spaces and that retains moisture.
Try at the Audi dealer and if no go there, ECP sell panels at a good price and have insurance company approval. I've fitted a couple on fords and they fit well.
My wings have deffinitely been painted before so I am pretty sure they wouldn't entertain it. Also it has full history but not all Audi which they seem to look for that too, even though it's not really anything to do with it. My Wife got an A3 done before but one wing had been painted according to the paint thickness guage, so they would ony do the one wing and wouldn't even let us pay the extra to get the other done, had to be 2 differen jobs, 2 strip down and re-builds, just stupid! My wings are abit ou of colour so I reccon I have no chance. I had a look at E.Bay wings, about £100 per wing, I take it 30/40 from E.bay means they wouldn't fit that well?

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