a4 quattro tuning advice


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Oct 8, 2006
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hi, ive recently bought an a4 2.8 quattro (2001) its got the automatic,tiptronc box. anyone know if there is anything i can do to give me more oomph??
Thats me too, except my 2.8 is a 98.
i've seen pricing for around £550 from AMD but that will only give you a max of 15hp i think. Unless you want to spend another 600 on a exhaust for 5hp!

i'm willing to do it but not for almost 600 quid! i need a cheaper alternative!
ive got a 99.5 2.8 quattro and ive searched hi and low for tuning bits. ecu tuning is not worth the money, a milltek exhaust will make it sound fantastic but wont make it quicker. i had a performance panel filter which has made a slight difference but thats probably due to the state of the old one! if you want serious power have a look at the pes supercharger kit, (google search - audi a4 pes) its not cheap but you can end up with 295bhp. im still considering this for mine - group buy 30v owners?????
Whilst a remap may only give you 15bhp that is not the figure that matters.

You will find that by getting your car remapped, you will produce a considerable amount of torque a lot lower down the rev range.

This means that your call will pull like a train, and to be honest the larger the engine, the more noticeable the difference will be.

Audi have designed the V6 engines to be smooth and silky, and there is a massive improvement on tap, as out of the factory the engines are not realising their full potential.

I have a 3 litre A4 TDi Quattro and got my car remapped earlier this week.
I was totally shitting myself about spending so much money.
I am a pesimist by nature, and never believed that a remap would make much difference.

My only regret now though, is not taking my old BMW 330d for a remap three years ago, and I am kicking myself for that, as I had three years disappointing motoring whereas I could have been driving around during that time with a big grin on my face.

Seriously... just get it done. I promise you won't rgret it.
Speaking of which i have snews!

Late yesterday i booked myself in for this morning at chippedUK near me in Bromsgrove in the Midlands for a remap.

Fantastic! really was, don't forget i've got the 2.8Q too.

Jayson tried a dyno test but because of the Quattro system the car was overdriving and forcing down a gear meaning they couldn't get an accurate reading. If you didn't know like i didn't this morning overdrive is when the rear wheels are spinning faster than the front- pretty sensible then that the ECU panics!. Common on almost all Quattro cars. Anyhow he went ahead with remapping and the difference is pretty amazing. He's estimated about 18hp extra but it does, indeed pull like a train, smoother too.

Here's the best bit! it only cost £250! as opposed to AMD's £580ish with VAT!

Guys i would make that your starting point before considering the upgrades.

When i checked out the PEZ kit it was going to cost around 5K if i remember. May as well buy an S4 and remap it!

*Edit* Also Jayson pointed out that Cars are much like PC Processors, manufacturers often powerdown their goods somewhat to make sure they all meet the grade but yet most have extra power. In specific to cars for instance Audi need to make sure the range will work in say france where they use 92 oct as opposed to our minimum of 95.
For big power you have one option and that the PES Supercharger kit which will bump power to around 250-260bhp at the wheels but exspect to pay around $3800.

You could consider a Supersprint header and system but this is not cheap and you may see around 220-225bhp.