Horn replacement


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Feb 19, 2004
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Has anyone replaced the horn of their A4? Mine sounds really crap so I purchased a replacement but don't know where it is. I know its in the front somewhere but it's very hard to see. Anyone replaced theirs?
Just get someone to press while you look around the front of the car...can't take too long to find. On the B5 it was in behind the lower side grill on the drivers side. It had two horns, maybe one of the leads has come off one and thats why it sounds crap... I always thought the A4 horn wasn't bad..
One either side just under the headlights.Check the plugs first as technics100 said as the horn is quite loud on mine.
You don't really need to take the bumper off but it helps.

I changed both my horns with Hella Supertones about a year ago. I took out all the lower grilles and opened the hood. You should be able to get your hand and a wrench in there to take the horns out. It's just a small bolt or nut, but I can't remember.

The Hellas are hard to mount because they can't use the stock location without a special bracket. I suggest getting some aftermarket horns that fit in the stock location. I also had to cut off the stock connector and use simple crimp connectors to connect up to the Hellas.

The easiest way is to take the headlight out.Only 2 screws to take out and loosen the back 2(do not remove these).It will take about 5 minutes and the horn is easily reached.The picture is not very good it was took from a phone but you can see how much room you get.
Hey thanks guys - if it's not raining tomorrow I'll do it then and post some pics.