Just when I thorght it couldn't get worse!!!


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Nov 20, 2005
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I'm sure my 1.8T Sport knows it's going to get changed soon. The 60K service is due and that also means a cambelt change, the tempreture guage is playing up and now the heater has decided to blow cold air. Great!!!!
yes, it's ok. I did put half a cup full in on Sunday but that was the first time in months. I hope it's not the head gaskit!!! It would cost enough to fix all the other stuff!
I could just hand the car back to the finance company as I've paid over half back which would be great, but I cannot find a car to the spec I want and If I order car it wouldn't arrive untill Christmas (so I've been told) and I would need to get the work done any way.

I've had a great deal on a new A4 2.0T Special Edition with heated seats, Bose (now standard), Ipod interface and atuo boot. I think the £700+ it would cost to fix the problems would be better spent on a deposit me thinks???
What's happening with the temp gauge? Mines be playing up for 12 months. I changed the sender to no avail. Audi do have a problem with these but don't seem willing to fix. So many on this forum with knackered temp gauges!!! Mine can not move to being at 130! and even sticks at 90c when switched off and cold.... seems like a short somewhere!!!
i think this is a common problem with audi.My temp guage works when it feels like it.but when it works it stays on the 90c mark all the time,which means it not over heating and the engine is ok.That will do me.:arco:
All VW/Audi's should always stay at 90oC and should never move. Even though my Golf (1.8T)has started to sit at about 85oC all the time. My 1.8T sport A4 (163) is faultless though, it get up to temp quickly then never budges.
The problem with mine is it starts moving to 90oC then decides that's had enough and drops back to its rest point never to move again.
I had the same issue on my car. I think all they did was replace the climate control unit. It also happened in Winter about 2yrs ago. Let's just say it was a very, very cold five days I had to drive the car before the service!!!!

It's hard driving with BIG THICK GLOVES ON. :)
Good news my heaters working now yip-ee however the ESP and ABS lights have decided to stay on. What can possible go wrong next????

I went to look for an auto BMW yesterday and was not impressed with the car or the staff in the dealership. Don't worry Audi, I'll be back!!!

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