Brake pad warning light


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Feb 11, 2014
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Hi all
Just had a full service at an independent local garage that I use on a regular basis, this service included a brake fluid change that I requested.
Since I picked it up the brake pad warning light has come on intermittently?
I took the car back and they confirmed all of the pads had plenty of meat left on them but there was a slight edge on the front discs due to normal wear and tear, they suggested this may be causing the warning light to come on.
Has anyone else had this problem please?
check the leccy plug for the pad sensor's mate, they could of unplugged them for what ever reason and not pushed them in all the way back in, they always break as well where the safety clip is so the don't lock together any more, mine are now held in with cable tie's lol.
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Good point mate
Do you know which side the sensors are on?
I think there is only one sensor on each pair of pads?
yep, only one sensor on each caliper mate just check the plugs

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