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3 new problems for a new day: boost leak, braking knocking and engine bay smoke

Squirrelofdoom Jun 12, 2012

  1. Squirrelofdoom

    Squirrelofdoom Member

    Hi guys!
    What a fun day, 3 new niggles have showed up today just for fun...

    1) I had noticed in a recent post (http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/a3-s3-forum-8l-chassis/160454-power-steering-pump-oil-leak.html) that I had small amounts of smoke coming from my engine bay after a hard drive. I had recently changed the cam cover gasket and was informed it could be power steering fluid leaking. However, today I had a fair bit coming out and I could see exactly where it is coming from. See picture below.

    Any ideas what this smoke is from?

    2) Front left now knocks at the same as wheel rpm under light braking. When braking hard there is no noise; but under light braking the front left squeaks and also knock knock knocks at the same frequency as the wheel is spinning. Any thoughts? I'm due to change all my suspension bushes and dogbone mount soon to PU bushes (I have them sitting in my boot). So I can do any other suspension work necessary at the same time.

    3) This is a weird one. All of a sudden today when driving to work at around 2500 - 4000 rpm I get a big air noise; almost as if its coming in through the cabin air vents. Very noticeable and loud. So, I'm thinking boost leak, right? I have been having issues since buying the car really that the boost is very intermittent, sometimes being full and sometimes just being nonexistent like a naturally aspirated engine - so it's been sickly for a while. So, today with this "boost leak" noise....the car feels better than it has since I bought it; pulling properly between 2,500/3,000 - 4,000rpm and picking up speed well. I'm at a loss with this one...

    Thanks for the help guys...just when you think you're getting on top of things :S


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